Status Tracker

In just one year since its adoption, many of the Plan's over 100 projects and programs have been completed or are in progress. The chart below captures a live snapshot of how the implementation of the plan is progressing. Keep in mind that the Plan envisions implementation to take place over the next 10+ years.

As elements of the Plan are implemented, projects and programs are identified by one of six statuses:

Complete - Action has been taken to complete a project/program as described by the Plan.

Partial Completion - Certain components of a project/program have been completed, while other components are still pending.

Ongoing - Work has been underway prior to the Plan and continues moving forward.

In Progress - Active work is underway to achieve the outcomes outlined for each project/program. For physical/built projects, this status includes any planning and design stages, which involve continued community engagement prior to final construction.

On Deck - Projects/programs are identified as next in line for implementation.

Not Started - No active work is underway at this time.

List of Projects & Programs

As work progresses, up-to-date information and engagement opportunities will be posted on the pages specific to each project/program (follow the blue hyperlinks to learn more).

How are projects/programs prioritized?

City Planning is guiding implementation in partnership with many community stakeholders and other public entities. The Oakland Taskforce (a roundtable of Oakland organizations representing a variety of resident, institutional, business, and community service interests) has played a support role in prioritizing projects. Prioritization is guided by many factors including organizational capacity, funding, community need, coordination with other ongoing efforts, etc. The plan also provides a recommended general time frame for when action on certain projects/programs is anticipated.

C-7Community service hubsOn Deck
C-19Scale up childcare servicesOn Deck
D-1Community reinvestment fundOn Deck
D-13Community reinvestment boardOn Deck
M-7Integrated shuttle and transit mobility studyOn Deck
M-11Reimagine Robinson StreetOn Deck
M-21Connecting east-west within the city (transit)On Deck
C-6Community building eventsIn Progress
C-15Organize around food accessIn Progress
C-22Support resident access to resourcesIn Progress
C-23Targeted anti-displacement programIn Progress
D-8Sustainability for existing buildingsIn Progress
I-5Energy strategyIn Progress
I-10Greenway expansionIn Progress
M-9Reimagine Bates StreetIn Progress
M-28Curbside management toolkitIn Progress
D-9Sustainability for new buildingsPartial Completion
D-10Transit oriented zoningPartial Completion
D-18Land use strategyPartial Completion
C-1Free access to cultural institutionsOngoing
C-8Connect students to supportive programsOngoing
C-9Emergency care equipmentOngoing
C-10Homeowner rehab programOngoing
C-11Honor Oakland's heritageOngoing
C-13Live-work spaces for artists, entrepreneurs, and creativesOngoing
C-16Partnership for health and safetyOngoing
M-16Bike route improvementsOngoing
M-19Bus stop enhancementsOngoing
M-30Enforce sidewalk standardsOngoing
M-31Improve city stepsOngoing
M-32Manage on-street parkingOngoing
M-34Pedestrian safety improvementsOngoing
M-36Reduce curb cut creationOngoing
M-37Sidewalk connections and accessibility improvementsOngoing
C-3Zoning for child care servicesComplete
D-3Green buffer requirementComplete
D-4Inclusionary zoningComplete
I-6Energy study requirementComplete
I-12Open space expansionComplete
I-23Incentives for green stormwater infrastructureComplete
C-2Support protests and public assembly activitiesNot Started
C-4Access to cultural resourcesNot Started
C-5Arts and design committeeNot Started
C-12Improve after-school opportunitiesNot Started
C-14Micro-grants for community buildingNot Started
C-17Public art walksNot Started
C-18Resident representativesNot Started
C-20Senior servicesNot Started
C-21Support diversity in the artist communityNot Started
C-24Building the capacityNot Started
D-2Design guidelinesNot Started
D-5Missing middle housingNot Started
D-6Oakland town centerNot Started
D-7Resident marketing campaignNot Started
D-11Wayfinding for neighborhood businessesNot Started
D-12Collaborate on local tenanting effortsNot Started
D-14Diversity, equity, and inclusion principlesNot Started
D-15Employer assisted housingNot Started
D-16Equitable development committeeNot Started
D-17Global districtNot Started
D-19Neighborhood sustainability identityNot Started
D-20Opportunities for Hispanic businessesNot Started
D-21Provide low-cost commercial spaceNot Started
D-22Revolving loan programNot Started
D-23Support local businessesNot Started
I-1Comprehensive electric vehicle strategyNot Started
I-2Comprehensive sustainable policy tableNot Started
I-3Data at community service hubsNot Started
I-4Develop strict hillside development codeNot Started
I-7Green alleysNot Started
I-8Green street networkNot Started
I-9Greening underutilized areasNot Started
I-11Oakland green space inventory and optimizationNot Started
I-13Plan for on-site renewablesNot Started
I-14Reimagine Robinson Street (Stormwater)Not Started
I-15Air quality coalitionNot Started
I-16Bates basin sustainable revitalizationNot Started
I-17Climate corpsNot Started
I-18Commercial stakeholder educationNot Started
I-19Comprehensive tree strategyNot Started
I-20Encourage more community gardensNot Started
I-21Establish pollinator conversion programsNot Started
I-22Hillside stabilization and protectionNot Started
I-24Reduce impervious areasNot Started
I-25Reduce landfill wasteNot Started
I-26Reduce student landfill wasteNot Started
I-27Resident energy educationNot Started
I-28Support and expand compost effortsNot Started
M-1Bicycle and pedestrian connection to the riverfrontNot Started
M-2Build up OTMANot Started
M-3Central Oakland and Pitt Bicycle ConnectionNot Started
M-4Centre Avenue and Craig Street Pedestrian and Transit Safety ImprovementsNot Started
M-5Complete the Fifth Avenue bikewayNot Started
M-6Educate all users about good travel behaviorNot Started
M-8McKee place complete streetNot Started
M-10Reimagine Boulevard of the AlliesNot Started
M-12Safe multimodal connection from Fifth Avenue to the Junction Hollow TrailNot Started
M-13Transit parking offsetNot Started
M-14Address enforcement biasesNot Started
M-15All weather walkabilityNot Started
M-17Build transportation planning capacityNot Started
M-18Transit pass purchasingNot Started
M-20Community-informed approach to parking enforcementNot Started
M-22Connecting to eastern corridor growthNot Started
M-23Connecting to national air transportationNot Started
M-24Connecting to regional and national passenger railNot Started
M-25Connecting to the Mon valley communitiesNot Started
M-26Connecting to the North and South HillsNot Started
M-27Construction coordinationNot Started
M-29Eliminate obstructions to improve accessibilityNot Started
M-33Partnerships for micromobility solutionsNot Started
M-35Performance-based parkingNot Started
M-38Sidewalk improvement program for homeownersNot Started
M-39Support frontline and shift workersNot Started
M-40Traffic calming corridorsNot Started
M-41Transportation demand management programNot Started
M-42Walking is healthy informational campaignNot Started