Incorporate green infrastructure into projects that rebuild Robinson Street as well as new structures along Robinson Street to capture and slow the conveyance of rainwater.

  • Uphill development on or adjacent to Robinson Street is currently creating traffic congestion and increased parking concerns as well as removing community open space and tree canopy.
  • The increased pervious development is causing significant overland flow in heavy rainstorms.
  • Desire to see projects that slow Robinson Street traffic also incorporate more trees and stormwater management into the redesign of this street.
  • Should be coordinated with planned utility improvements and new development.
  • Residents would like Robinson Street to feel more like a neighborhood street. Street trees that would make it a more enjoyable place to walk was a component discussed in addition to traffic calming approaches.
  • Improvements need to be done in coordination with institutions and traffic considerations on other surrounding streets.
  • Include pervious pavement in street design and parking areas where possible.
  • Use green stormwater infrastructure to increase tree canopy while managing storm water.
  • Make sure green infrastructure is part of Fifth Ave and Robinson Street intersection design. Could be part of public plaza design there if current design concept is pursued.
  • View the green infrastructure at various points along Robinson Street and the plaza components at the bottom as a conveyance system.

When to start: 0-2 years

Duration: 2-3 years

Estimated costs: $$$ (out of $$$$)

Project lead(s): DOMI, DCP, PWSA

Project partner(s): Adjacent institutions, West Oakland Neighborhood Council, property owners and developers

Potential funding source(s): City Capital Budget, PWSA, grants, institutions

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