With the blend of the history of art, the institutions, and community artists, there is a compelling opportunity to support ever greater diversity in the artist community. This can be done by highlighting and incorporating diverse artists into existing initiatives and developing additional opportunities.

  • Love the expansion of public art, would also be nice to see some pocket parks, and parks/art dedicated to indigenous people/ celebrating indigenous knowledge
  • Public art at bus station stops could be interesting (though most important is that resources go toward comfort and safety for riders).
  • Public art walking tours - Oakland contains an abundance of existing public art, sculptures, plaques/monuments, architecture, stained glass, fountains - along with park space, which could make for a number of guided and self-guided walking tours. A lot of organizations already do tours in Oakland (some may be infrequent, however).
  • Public projects and private developments support community-building public art, recognizing Oakland’s role as a cultural hub of the City while challenging the notion that Oakland’s art is very traditional, located near exclusively in Central Oakland, and owned largely by institutions.
  • The amount of public art in Oakland increases and reflects the vibrancy and dynamism of the Oakland community, which is both constantly changing with new, young ideas, and given a sense of permanency by the professionals and families who live and work there.
  • Highlight existing projects and opportunities that feature diverse artists.
  • In partnership, develop additional opportunities incorporating institutions and community based organizations and events.

When to start: 3-5 years

Duration: Ongoing

Estimated costs: $$ (out of $$$$)

Project lead(s): OBID, OPDC

Project partner(s): CMOA, institutions, DCP, OPA

Potential funding source(s): Allegheny Regional Asset District, OPA

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