Ensure cultural institutions are accessible to everyone and free to access for Oakland residents.

  • I agree that we need public facilities that are available for children, however, I do not feel that ALL facilities should be accessible to children, we have many seniors in Oakland as well who need very different public facilities.”
  • I think that there should be no discrimination against children and their access to facilities is paramount, given the way in which Oakland is not even addressing their existence. I cannot envision how a facility that allows the access to children would hurt seniors (but I would be happy to consider examples of this.)”
  • An increasing number of Oakland institutions offer free access and/or have reduced cost to allow for more accessibility across age.
  • The Peterson Event Center is listed as part of the cultural district but are not able to commit to universal, free access. Frequently will donate tickets to community groups.
  • Students, residents, immigrants, and visitors alike have access to cultural and recreational spaces, institutional and cultural events across all of Oakland.
  • Work with cultural institutions to understand how current reduced or no cost programs are functioning. Who is using them and why different groups are not using them.
  • Could include a large survey of residents in Oakland to better understand their needs and what would create a better and more beneficial relationship between them and the cultural institutions. This survey should include activities already underway or planned to help spread the word and get feedback that can help to improve them over successive efforts.
  • This project could be conducted by the new Arts and Design Committee and involve the City’s Public Art and Civic Design Division and Office of Public Art.

When to start: 0-2 years

Duration: Ongoing

Estimated costs: $ (out of $$$$)

Project lead(s): CMP, Arts and design committee

Project partner(s): Carnegie Library, Carnegie Hall, OPA, institutions, OPDC

Potential funding source(s): None needed