Combine community centers, daycares, career services, educational programming, and free wifi in a single location.

  • There are limited community spaces for programs and resources like Wi-Fi, technology hubs, child care and other services.
  • For some residents, there is a need for basic computer literacy that is limiting update of workforce development programs and other efforts to get people into jobs. These kinds of basic trainings could happen in such a center.
  • Residents need access to career training services and other educational programming.
  • The University of Pittsburgh is interesting in finding locations where they can provide educational programming and other supports to Oakland residents and their students who live in the neighborhood.
  • Existing spaces are often underinvested and struggle to meet increasing demands.
  • The small number of City parks in the area are also in need of investments which could be connected to the provision of additional related services.
  • Activities for both senior citizens and students.
  • Potential locations: The Corner (West Oakland), Frazier Park/Fieldhouse (South Oakland), OPDC Building (Central Oakland), Community Human Services Building (Oakcliffe), Zulema Park Area (Central Oakland), and Herron Hill Pumping Station (North Oakland).
  • City-owned facilities at Dan Marino Field and the Herron Hill Pumping Station should be prioritized for rehabilitation or replacement. This work could start with a parks master planning process led by DCP or could involve community discussions that lead directly to funding for DPW to undertake design and construction.
  • Other options such as partnering with OPDC, The Corner, and Community Human Services should focus on improving and expanding their facilities and services.
  • Consider expanding Rec 2 Tech, workforce training, and climate change related programming among other offerings in partnership with with various City departments, non-profits, and institutions.
  • OPDC and the University of Pittsburgh have both shown interest in participating on programming and making other resources available in the centers.
  • This project is linked to “Scale up child care services”.

When to start: 0-2 years

Duration: Ongoing

Estimated costs: $$$ (out of $$$$)

Project lead(s): DCP, DPW, City Council

Project partner(s): Citiparks, OPDC, PID, institutions, neighborhood associations

Potential funding source(s): City Trust Fund, City Capital Budget, institutions, grants

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