Sheraden Park is located in the West End of Pittsburgh and serves the neighborhoods of Sheraden, Esplen, Elliott, Chartiers City, Windgap and Crafton Heights. Steep slopes exist around the perimeters of the park and place most of the existing park amenities in the flat lowland areas, creating a disparity in public space use and access. The few trails that utilize the forested park edges are largely informal, lacking signage and trail maintenance and are subsequently underutilized by the already limited number of park patrons.

The City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works, working with the beneficial input of community partners, will be implementing Phase I of the Sheraden Park Master Plan, which was completed by the Department of City Planning in March 2020.

The Scope of Work for Phase I includes*:

  • Lighting & Safety Improvements
    • Includes light poles and bollards installation in newly improved park amenities outlined below
  • Park Building Improvements
    • Includes upgrading Sheraden Park building for the inclusion of restrooms, group gatherings, and concessions
  • Park Shelter Improvements
    • Minor aesthetic improvements to existing park shelter and installation of grills
  • ADA Accessible Community Garden + Parking
    • Includes elimination of existing playground at Surban Street entrance, parking lot addition, community garden plots and tool shed. Improvements should also consider slope stabilization
  • Play Area Improvements
    • Replacement of the existing central playground within the park
  • Basketball Court Relocation + Parking
    • Relocation of existing basketball court to current tennis court location. Improvements to include upgraded parking lot
  • Sand Volleyball Courts
    • Proposed sand volleyball in place of the relocated basketball courts.
  • Park Signage + Trail Improvements
    • Improvements and expansion of trails within existing Sheraden Park boundary. Signage should be included for trails and entrances.
  • Stormwater Management should be included to meet requirements for site-wide improvements
*Note: Programming priorities listed above may differ from the Master Plan.