The Sylvan Avenue Trail project is an effort to rehabilitate Sylvan Avenue in Hazelwood in an effort to expand the City's network of safe travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorists.

The project consists of two parts. First, the currently-open portion of Sylvan Avenue between Hazelwood Avenue and Home Rule Street will be rehabilitated as a City of Pittsburgh Neighborway with improvements to the street such as repaving, signage and pavement markings, curb and sidewalk, and other improvements in support of walking, biking, and other modes of transportation. Safety features such as raised crossings are being considered at the crossings with city steps, and crosswalk markings and bumpouts are anticipated at the intersection with Hazelwood Avenue.

The second portion is the Sylvan Trail, which is currently initiating design and plans to re-open the currently-closed portion of Sylvan Avenue as a walking and biking path, connecting between Home Rule Street and Waldeck Street.

Neighborway: Hazelwood Ave to Home Rule St

Public Meeting - November 30, 2022

DOMI held a community meeting on November 30, 2022 to discuss the current design and the changes made as a result of the feedback from the April 2022 public meeting. Current anticipated project schedule and next steps were also covered. The meeting flyer and the slides presented are available in the Document Library below.

Thanks to Hazelwood Initiative for helping to organize this meeting, and to all who attended.

Public Meeting - April 26, 2022

A public meeting was held for this project on April 26, 2022, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM.

Refer to the Document Library for presentation slides and summary and click the button below to watch a recording of the meeting.

Greenway Trail: Home Rule St to Waldeck St

Sylvan Avenue between Home Rule Street and Waldeck Street was closed in the 1960s following a landslide. DOMI plans to stabilize the hillside and re-open this portion of Sylvan Avenue as a trail. This path will be restricted to trail uses and will be closed to motor vehicles.

This portion of the project is currently being kicked off. More information will be available on this page as it is developed.