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Scheme A: Zoned
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Scheme A is organized most similarly to the current layout Chartiers playground. Two large play zones take advantage of the the flat landings at the top and bottom of the park and allow for a collection of different play elements. The upper play zone is dedicated to large climbing structures such as towers and nets, while also providing smaller accessible and inclusive play elements like swings and carousels. Seating is provided throughout to provide parents and caregivers a place to relax and watch the kids play. A series of embankment slides and stone steps take advantage of some of the natural topography of the site and meander down the slope, moving towards the lower play zone. A new paved, accessible pathway is also introduced between Chartiers Avenue and the upper play zone. This provides a less steep alternative to the existing asphalt path on the west side of the playground. Finally, the lower play zone is made up of a new, enlarged spray park. This zone will have multiple in-ground spray jets and larger water play features, dedicating more space to water play than the current spray feature in the playground. The park pavilion will have minor exterior improvements and introduce more seating and built in barbeque grills for gatherings and picnics.

Scheme B: Pods
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Scheme B organizes play areas into smaller pods rather than two large zones. These pods each contain smaller freestanding play and climbing elements that allow children to bounce around the playground from pod to pod to experience each different feature. This scheme offers climbing nets, swings, carousels and embankment slides that take advantage of the natural topography of the playground. A series of boulder scrambles embedded into the landscape provide a fun way for children to move up and down hills and between play pods. Multiple smaller seating areas are provided around the playground to allow parents and caregivers a place to observe their children. The lower flat of the park introduces a larger spray park with in-ground spray jets and multiple different forms of vertical water play and spray elements. This scheme does not include a new accessible walkway into the park, but rather maintains the existing paved path on the west side of the playground.

Scheme C: Flow
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Scheme C envisions the park as one long, continuous, and flowing play area. Rather than utilizing the flat areas of the park for climbing structures and other free standing play elements, this scheme takes advantage of the natural topography of the site in many areas. The play area flows uninterrupted from the upper portion of the park down to the existing pavilion and introduces features like rope climbs, rock walls, embankment slides, an agility course, and a zip line that form one long obstacle course all the way down the hill and back up again. This scheme also provides an opportunity for older kids and even adults to enjoy the play area. A different leg of the obstacle course is made up of elements like climbing walls, monkey bars and balance beams that both younger and older children and adults can experience. The lower end of the play area introduces a new splash pad zone with in-ground jets and various water play elements for kids to enjoy on a hot summer day, while parents and caregivers can relax in an improved pavilion on new and improved park seating. Finally, a new accessible walkway works its way from Chartiers Avenue, all the way through the park to Summerdale Street, providing handicap access from either end of the park in place of the existing steep asphalt walkway.

In order to adhere to social distancing guidelines and maintain equitable public input, the City of Pittsburgh is utilizing online engagement tools. Materials will be posted as they are developed and will be mobile-friendly. All virtual meetings will be recorded and posted to the website.

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City of Pittsburgh:

  • Office of Mayor Peduto
  • Council District 2
  • Department of Public Works

Project Consultants:

  • Studio Bryan Hanes / Landscape Architecture
  • Urban Terrain / Surveying
  • Common Ground / Civil Engineering

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