Fort Pitt Field, located in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, is currently 9.5 acres, including a 3.8-acre playground, tennis court, basketball court, and a lighted ballfield. The park is adjacent to the former Fort Pitt Elementary School closed in 2011, but has been a central feature of Garfield’s identity for decades. The basketball court on the Housing Authority property was recently renovated and, along with the ballfield, is utilized by the Garfield Gators Youth Sports League.

  • OpenSpacePGH, the guiding document for open space across the city, calls for the expansion of Fort Pitt Park.
  • Garfield 2030 says parks and playgrounds comprises just 1.8% of the neighborhood total area, with only 5.8 acres of open space.
  • The Garfield Green Zone Project was developed by the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. The project is a two-phased plan for furthering the goals of increasing public open space, creating safe pedestrian environments, and promoting the preservation of ecological systems and overall sustainability that benefit the neighbors and neighborhood of Garfield.

The Fort Pitt Park Master Plan will work to create a community-led vision for the park, unifying the areas of park space around Fort Pitt Playground, creating connections through passive recreational opportunities and making best use of the surrounding vacant land. Additionally, the final plan will provide recommendations for improving the field and other amenities at the park.

The Fort Pitt Park Master Plan will be developed through a master plan process that includes community engagement, ecological review, and design of functional spaces. Completed plans from the park master planning program include the Sheraden Park Master Plan and the South Side Park Master Plan.

Project Team:

  • LaQuatra Bonci Associates – Prime Consultant (landscape architecture)
  • MonWin Consulting – Sub-Consultant (community engagement)
  • Collective Efforts – Sub-Consultant (environmental engineering)

The Advisory Committee has representation from:

  • The Office of Councilman Burgess
  • Department of Public Works
  • Office of the Mayor
  • Citiparks
  • Garfield Gators
  • Brothers and Sisters Emerging
  • Bloomfield Garfield Corporation
  • Housing Authority of Pittsburgh
  • Garfield Commons
  • KBK Enterprises
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools

In order to maintain equitable public input and keep everyone safe and healthy, the City of Pittsburgh is utilizing online engagement tools. Materials will be posted for longer periods of time on websites that are mobile friendly, and all virtual engagements will be recorded and posted for later viewing. As we continue to roll out improvements that address issues around the digital divide.

If it is deemed to be safe, we will look to have a socially-distanced in-person event in the park where people can come give input on different park plan elements.